Benefits of

Jaggery or ‘Gur’

Direct human consumption
Preparation of traditional sweets
Added to several culinary preparations
Serves as traditional home remedies
Used in preparing cattle feed

About Promoters

Nischay Malik (Director)

Nischay Malik is a young and dynamic new Entrepreneur having a masters degree in business administration from Cardiff University (U.K.). he has a proven background in marketing and sales which will lead this company to create a global brand of an Indian product. He has the part and partial in conceptualisation of the project by following and studying the markets of product manufactured from sugarcane, besides looking after the quality and branding of the company he shall be taking responsibility domestically and internationally.

Bijendra Malik (Director)

Bijendra malik is a progressive Farmer, Social Worker and agriculturist in the region of Muzaffarnagar. He has a degree in MSc(Master of science) Agriculture. He has been associated in sugarcane product with family background of developing and managing the operations of the plant.

Abhishek Malik (Director)

Abhishek Malik is also a new entrepreneur having a bachelor’s degree in food technology. He has a vast knowledge about the food processing and testing. He has interned in many global repudiated companies. His role in the company is to ensure the produce high quality product which is meets the international standards.

Plant Site Location
(Fugana, Muzaffarnagar)

The location of the plant has a lot of importance in deciding its continuous running and ensuring profitability.
Traditional jaggery plants are almost located in the cane fields itself and some tiny size jaggery units are moving from field to field. It is because of this advantage of availability of fresh cane and to manage their crushing capacity. The cane is live then, till it is crushed. The residues like trash and roots can also be used for pelleting which increases the revenue to both farmers and the unit. The cost of transporting cane from field to factory and the cost of transporting jaggery from factory to sales point are to be compared. Generally, the transport cost of cane is paid by the factory and the transport cost of jaggery by the purchaser of jaggery; however, it may have a slight impact on the jaggery price.

Farm to Kitchen

Chemical Testing
CO2 Fumigation
  • Using modern technology and innovative processes of SEDL that will lead to negligible pollution as compared to sugar factory thus minimizing the burden on nature.
  • Many times better than sugar factory in terms of energy saving, capital cost, land requirement, operational cost and many more.
  • Comparatively higher sale price as compared to its cost of production which otherwise is not true in case of sugar.
  • Ultimate boost for rural sector and lead to direct betterment of farmers and development of infrastructure.
  • Need not have to face strict price and tax regulations.